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Level up in Breath of Fire III PSP

Ryu increasing in level in Breath of Fire III.

Level is a recurring stat in the Breath of Fire series. Level acts as a numeric stat in almost all role-playing games that quantifies a character's growth over the course of their many adventures. When a character gains enough EXP, they will gain a Level, which usually results in them experiencing immediate increases in other stats, a process referred to as "stat growth." The resulting increase in stats will generally make future battles easier to win. In addition, characters may also gain new abilities as a result of leveling up. All playable characters in the series have a level stat, as well as all enemies in Breath of Fire III, though enemies in other games do not have levels. The maximum level is usually 99 for playable characters in the series, however some bosses in Breath of Fire III have levels higher than 99.

Stat growth[]

In Breath of Fire, stat growth is slightly random, with a baseline normal stat growth set for each character, and a half chance that a stat increases a point more than normal and a quarter chance it will increase a point less than normal when leveling up. Stat growth gradually ramps up from level 2 to level 49, where it starts to decline. Starting at level 57, some stats other than HP of characters other than Ryu cease to grow. Gobi stops growing in anything other than HP starting at level 81.

Sometimes at levels above 56, a character may gain absolutely no stat increases from a level up. It is also possible for the game to display that a character's stat has increased by zero when a level up occurs, which may be caused by a stat being maxed out already when the game attempts to increment the stat.

In Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV, stat growth is largely determined by a current Master, determining which stats increase when leveling up and by how much, allowing players to build their character's abilities however they want.

Learning abilities[]

Characters can sometimes learn new abilities by reaching certain pre-determined level thresholds. For example, Nina in Breath of Fire will gain the Renew ability at level 17, making her able to revive party members using her AP.

Other uses[]

While Level normally doesn't directly affect a character or enemy's performance in battle, the effectiveness of some physical attacks is directly calculated based on this stat.