竜の神 Ryuu no Kami (Dragon God)
Sprite LadonStatue SpriteLadonWall Sprite
God (BoF)
God (BoFII)
Master (BoFIII)
Requirement Collect all Dragon Genes
HP 6 AP 6
Pwr 2 Def 2
Int 2 Agl 1
Skill Levels
Mind's Eye 3
Holy Strike 5
Ward of Light 7
Aura 9

Ladon (simply known as the Dragon God in the Japanese release) is a recurring character within the Breath of Fire series. He records the party's progress.


Breath of FireEdit

His statue is everywhere and is prayed to by many people. However, other than praying, you may also decide to save your journey (game) when you pray to Ladon. When you die you will return to where you prayed to him last.

Breath of Fire IIEdit

There are still quite a number of his statues in each town, but few people still pray to him, preferring to worship at the Church of St. Eva. Praying to the dragon god Ladon allows players to save their game, change their characters, or to end the game completely and start again at another time. This is the religion that Ryu fights for during the course of the game.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

There are only two single statues of him remaining: one in Mt. Glaus, where it serves to travelers, and the other found in Dragnier, the town of the Brood. He also resides in a panel on the wall in Dragnier, only showing himself if Ryu examines it. He will offer himself to you as a Master here.

As a Master Edit

Ladon is available as a Master when the party has access to has all 18 Dragon Genes. Because of the abyssmal HP and AP growth, he is recommended as Master after each character has hit Level 50, where the statgains will be extremely low.


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