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キリア村 Kiria Mura (Kiria Village)
Kyria bridge
South Desert; Eastern Continent
"That's right! There's a passageway to Synesta here. A lot of people from Synesta fled here during the war using it. Even though the war may be over, it's our job to protect it, in case anyone ever needs to use it again."
— Mayor to party, explaining passage

Kyria is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It is a town located on the Eastern Continent. In order to defend the town from external threats, the villages have littered it with a variety of traps. The cave in the hill overlooking the town serves as entrance to an escape tunnel leading to Synesta.


Kiria Bird

Bird in mayor's house.

After leaving the Dam, Ryu, Nina, Cray, and Ershin find themselves at Kyria. A town full of tricks and traps with a river flowing through it. The party must get through Kyria to get to Synesta but need permission from the Mayor (Breath of Fire IV) as the path is blocked off by guards.

Kyria Bee

One of the many traps.

They eventually fall through a hole in the ground and make their way back up a ladder, which leads them into the mayor's house. Inside, they only find a bird that speaks in riddles. Upon answering "No time", "No", "no" and "not really", the bird reveals that the mayor has gone into the nearby woods in order to hunt. The party then makes their way into the woods close to town.

Upon their return, the mayor opens up the passage to Synesta and the party can finally proceed to their next destination on their quest to find Elina. (see below)


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Inn free of charge (Lady inside house with green roof)

Weapon and Item shop (one person)
The merchant will not immediately sell his goods to the party upon their entering the town, they must first successfully asked the parrot for the mayor's whereabouts.

Item Price
Short Sword 480z
Sage's Staff 230z
Leather Armor 220z
Waistcloth 320z
Glass Domino 450z
Healing Herb 20z
Ammonia 250z
Molotov 100z


Item Location
Ice Punch (Loot seen on battle results screen if done correctly!). Backside of the first building to the right you'll find a chest; examine it, it triggers battle, kill left and right enemy before middle one, then middle one last
400z Close to the hill with the passage to Synesta, fall through a hole in the ground and collect the treasure

Miscellaneous Loot[]

Item Location
Fish-Head Shelf inside mayor's house


???? Chest
Bee Troop

Passage to Synesta[]

Underground passage Kyria - Synesta

The actual passage.

The passage to Synesta is finally opened as the mayor was rescued in the woods. This pathway has been used by cilillians who fled to Kyria during the war. Synesta was a hex target during the war and therefore mostly destroyed and cursed. Monsters are still teeming in the underground, not only in this city, but also in this very pathway. The cadavers and zombies were also enemies found in N. Chamba, a previously visited town that too was hit with a hex shot.

The party makes haste to traverse this dark and wet cavern and finally arrives in Synesta where they continue the search for the missing princess Elina.


Item Location
Water Bomb Follow the path and keep heading east.
Ammonia Follow middle path and leave to east, on new screen,north at branch to find this item.
500z South at fork, follow path, walk up several stairs and take a detour left, jump over ledge to spot a chest


Army Bat

Notable Residents[]

  • Mayor


  • The barrels in the warehouse can either be moved by Cray's field ability or destroyed by Ershin's.
  • To get Ershin's weapon, the left and right chest need to be destroyed first, the middle one last.


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