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ハシビトの町 Hashibito No Machi (Hashibito Town)
Border Crossing
North Desert; Eastern Continent
"Marlok again...How many trips does that make this month? I don't think I've seen anyone who cares about making a profit as much as he does!"
— Worker as Marlok and party arrive

Kyoin is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It means "people of the bridge" in the Imperial language [1]. Kyoin’s main feature is the Imperial Causeway. It bears a teleportation device that allows its users to cross the Mud Sea between the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent. It is used by both military and cilvillians. After the Causeway is broken following the fight with Rasso, the town is mostly abandoned by civilians.


Gateway Ymechaf

Ymechaf summoned

Due to the difficulty involved getting into the town, Ryu and the party are smuggled in by Marlok, who hides them in a large wooden crate on his sandflier. When the coast is clear, the party emerges from the chest and makes their way into Kyoin, much to Cray's relief. The party then makes their way up to the teleportation portal that connects the two continents.

Gateway Escape

Dramatic escape.

They are halted by Rasso, who summons another one of his guardians, the fierce samurai warrior Ymechaf. A battle ensues and after the party emerges victorious, they immediately turn around and flee through the closing portal. Rasso cannot believe that another of his servants has been defeated and concludes that it must be due to Ryu being a dragon. He cannot believe what he saw with his own eyes.


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Inn free of charge

Weapon Shop

Weapon Price
Scramasax 1200z
Magic Wand 800z
Steel Bat 1000z
Waistcloth 320z
Chain Cap 600z
Crepe Cape 730z
Glass Domino 220z
Soul Gem 1000z

Item Shop

Item Price
Healing Herb 20z
Vitamin 100z
Antidote 12z
Eye Drops 14z
Jabbergrass 20z
Panacea 100z
Ammonia 250z
Molotov 100z


Item Location
Glass Domino Head upstairs from the last floor, follow linear path, enter room to the left to find this chest

Miscellaneous Loot[]

Item Location
Healing Herb x3 Head upstairs and follow the linear path, enter door to the right to find several shelves, inside the lower left one


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  • Ymechaf can be staggered using combination magic. Once he turns around, hit his weak spot on his back with a strong physical attacker such as Cray or Ryu for significant damage
  • People will leave Kyoin after Ymechaf's defeat
  • The buildings behind the merchants can be entered


  1. according to the first NPC to the left the party encounters


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