Breath of Fire II Boss
クワドラ Kuwadora (Quwadra)
1650 500
Atk Def Ms
81 48 0
Agi Luck Immunity
53 43 -
1600 800
Location SimaFort
Drop IronML
Drop rate 4
Abilities Shimmy
Element Flame
Info -

Kuwadora is a boss found in Breath of Fire II.


Kuwadora is the true form of the impostor Prince Jean, who took Jean's place in his absence. Jean tries to prove his lineage with his Royal Ring, but the impostor has one identical to it. Princess Petape suggests a cooking competition, and the party gathers the key ingredients: RochMeat, WormMeat and GoldFly. During the cooking competition the judges are coerced into granting the victory to the impostor, but Petape and King Potopo disagree. Having lost all hope, Petape declares she will blow up SimaFort and runs out of the room, followed by Jean and the impostor. When the party finds them, the impostor reveals that he is really the demon Kuwadora and attacks the party.


Kuwadora's "Shimmy" attacks the whole party for a fair amount of damage, but if their levels are around 15 and they are decently equipped it should be manageable. Sometimes he will say something like "This ends now," and it will have the effect of cancelling any remaining actions for the turn. This will happen once when he drops below half of his maximum HP, and again when he drops below a quarter of his maximum HP.

Sten is not as useful as Katt in this battle since Kuwadora resists his Flame-elemental attacks, but he can equip the SilverDR. Having both in the party can help keep everyone's HP up since they will likely be the only party members who act before the enemy. Nina's S.Boom packs a punch, but Cold is also good if she is short on AP. Ryu should, as usual, start with a Dragon transformation, and then steadily do damage with his regular attack.

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