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 クロウラー Kurouraa (Crawler)
Non-Playable Character
Royal Chef

Kuroura is a character in Breath of Fire II, where he is the royal chef of the Kingdom of Tunlan.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

When the notoriously capricious Queen Poporo dismissed her previous chefs, she brought in Kuroura and two of his countrymen to serve as replacements. The scullion maids remark how impressed they are with his cleanliness and how there haven't been any cockroaches in the kitchen since he took over. However, it's hinted that he actually uses the cockroaches as ingredients in his meals, keeping with his clan's tradition of making insect-based dishes. The Queen and her court prove to be big fans of his cooking, with one of the chefs remarking that the Queen always has ten servings at every meal. However, knowing that they would likely be disgusted at the thought of eating bugs, Kuroura remains tight-lipped about the ingredients that his staff use.


Kuroura is given the same sprite as the other Creeping Clan chefs found throughout SimaFort and Tunlan. As such, it's not possible to definitively tell which of the three cooks in Tunlan's kitchen is him, although the one on the far right seems to claim responsibility for cooking the meals.


Kuroura and his fellow chefs possess the good-natured and jovial spirit common throughout the Creeping Clan. One of them remarks that the constant stream of good food and beautiful women make their surroundings feel like heaven on earth. However, another one remarks that their situation would be even better if it weren't for the language barrier.


In the Japanese version, the "name" is actually the English word "Crawler". Crawler is an alternative way to refer to the Creeping Clan, and thus in the original version the NPC is speaking about the chef's species rather than giving his name. As it became a common mistake in the English localization, the translator misunderstood the context of the phrase, rendered the word in its raw katakana reading ("Kuroura") and thought of it as being the name of one of the chefs.

This is further confirmed in the game's end credits: in the "Chapter 6" section (showing characters from the Tunlan arc) there are three names (Zhazha, Momo and Juju) listed under the header "Crawler Cook", identifying the three chefs with their own individual names.

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