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コウシア村 Koushia Mura
Koshka concept
Paedra; Western Continent

Koshka is a location that appears in Breath of Fire IV. Located on the Western Continent, it is a village of artisans whose reputation has spread throughout the continent. Koshka is unique in that, rather than having its own in-game music that plays upon entering it, the music from the overworld instead continues to play uninterrupted.


The artisans of Kashka are held in high esteem, and their reputation has spread as far as Chiqua and the Imperial Capital of Chedo. Their pottery, which is incredibly time-intensive to create, has become very fashionable in the capital.[1]They are also crafted the stone statues at the entrance of the En Jhou ruins. [2] Recently, the men of the village have taken an interest in treasure hunting, hoping to find wealth by exploring the nearby ruins of En Jhou. For example, the old man who is seen once the party first arrives in the village later moves to the ruins seeking treasure.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

The party arrives in Koshka right after crossing over from Saldine to Paedra on the Western Continent. It is their first destination, where they restock supplies and gear. Subsequently, they proceed towards Chiqua via Shan River.

In Chiqua, they meet the merchant Fu Chuman, who is specializes in the trade of fine and rare goods from the provinces into the capital. He promises to show them how to get to the capital if Chedo if they help him to procur one of several items - three rare fish, a Jar from Koshka, or the treasure from the nearby En Jhou ruins.

If the party decides to give Fu Chuman the treasure of the En Jhou ruins, which is a Dragon Crystal containing Mutant dragon, they also pass through Koshka as they have to ask the local residents for the way to the En Jhou ruins. This is a steep price to pay for passage though, as they will permanently lose access to the Mutant form. The second option is to have a Jar made by one of Koshka's potters for 500 Zenny. Due to the lengthy process required to create the item, the party will need to complete approximately twenty random encounters before the jar is completed. However, in spite of this, it is still a good option to fulfill Fu Chuman's request as it typically takes less time to complete than catching the rare fish and still allows the party to use the Mutant dragon form. After fulfilling the merchant's request, the party is able to proceed on their journey to the Chedo.


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Inn 100z

Weapon & Item Shop

Weapon/Item Price
Feather Sword 9600z
Rune Staff 8000z
Crusher 9400z
Flamethrower 9000z
Armored Vest 7200z
Blizzard Mail 9300z
Vitamin 100z
Ammonia 250z


  1. Fu Chuman: Unique jars being made in Koshka village. Very popular in capital, but take long time to make.
  2. According to a one of the fishermen in Chiqua, see gallery below


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