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King Kenny
王 Ou (King)
Non-Playable Character
Wing Clan

King Kenny is Nina's and Mina's father, the King of Wyndia, and Queen Hina's husband.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

During the events of Breath of Fire II, he was taken ill with an ailing sickness, and a priest of St. Eva says that the power of St. Eva and the prayers of the people will restore him to health. While he personally believes the teachings of St. Eva are wonderful, he does not believe he should force his people to worship St. Eva, and as such, it is one of the few towns that does not have a church.

When Nina was born and found to bear the black wing, Kenny cursed the prophecy. While the people would have demanded Nina's death, Hina pleaded for her daughter's life, and Kenny exiled her to M.School in HomeTown.

When Nina comes to visit him, Kenny is overjoyed to see his daughter again, and thinks seeing his daughter again is worth more than all of St. Eva's prayers. When Nina asks him for the Mark of the Great Bird, Kenny asks if she plans to use it's power to find a way to save his life, as he would forbid his daughter to give up her life to save his. Nina replies that she intends to use it to save the world, and Kenny realizes the danger the world is in, and allows it.

During the epilogue, Kenny recovers from his illness.

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