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Kasq Wds
カスクの森 Kasuku No Mori (Kask Forest)
Cover image Kasq
Wyndia Region; Eastern Continent

Kasq Woods is a location that appears in Breath of Fire IV. It is a forest which contains several streams and river inlets. These bodies of water can be traversed via floating logs. It is also home to the Oracle of Wind. Another traveler inside the forest will tell the party about a secret Fishing Spot.[1]

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Kasq Woods is home to the Oracle of Wind, who reveals the location of the Wind Flute needed to communicate with the Wind Dragon, P'ung Ryong, to Ryu and his party.

The party enters the woods, following the conversation with the King of Wyndia after they first arrived at Wyndia. The forest proves hard to navigate at times, as Ryu and the others have to cross floating logs and other obstacles such as stinging undergrowth on their way to the oracle.

Upon meeting with the Oracle, it is revealed that Ryu indeed has the Dragon's Eye and is of the same kind as P'ung Ryong. The oracle mentions the coming of a "Dragon of the Future", the Yorae Dragon of prophecy who appears only once in several centuries. He can either bring great joy or great peril and thus influence the way of the world. She eventually tells the party about the wind flute, an item that rests in the underground of Wyndia castle. With it in tow, the party can open the gateway at Pung'tap to meet with the Wind Dragon. The party then discusses their further plans at the campfire when they notice that Scias went missing. They fear that he has made his way back to Ludia to report on their activities to Ilgor.


Item Location
600 zenny second screen after floating log, follow linear path
Long Boots (x1) chest near broken bridge on hill, second screen
Weather Vane (x2) inside bag, log puzzle, second screen near riverbank
Magic Shard (x1) third screen, inside chest near the thorn bush thicket
Aurum (x1) Examine chest inside house of Oracle of Wind

Miscellaneous Loot[]

Item Location
Flattop (x3) Examine shelf inside house of Oracle of Wind


Nut Mage
Bee Troop

Notable Residents[]


  1. An NPC can be found on the first screen who reveals the location of a nearby fishing spot (see gallery)


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