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ダンク Danku (Danc)
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Playable Character
154 cm (5'1")
48 kg (105.8 lbs)

Karn is a character within Breath of Fire.

Role in Breath of FireEdit

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As a tiny child, Karn was found in Bleak by the leader of the Thieves Guild. He knows nothing about his parents or his hometown. Karn is not interested in his past, however, but dedicated to acquiring the best thieving skills. Karn is always practicing his craft. The guild leader wonders when he should tell Karn the truth about his beginnings.

In the first game he is a team member found in the prison in Auria. His hometown is Bleak. He is good at picking locks and is needed for the mission in the Thief's Tomb.

He appears in Breath of Fire II living with Bo (also from the first game). Their island is slightly NW of the first Shaman's house and players need Grandpa the whale to reach the area. The area is good for training.

Field AbilitiesEdit

As a thief, Karn has the ability to pick locks and disarm traps. Karn can also learn how to fuse with his allies which turns him and his ally into a more powerful character that have access to some of their skills like Bo's ability to hunt and walk through forests, and Ox's ability to move heavy objects. His final Fusion form gives him access to the ability to open doors with its cry.


Karn is a well rounded fighter with high boosts in Agility and a nice even boost in all of his other stats. He is one of the fastest characters in the game and can hold his own in combat. Karn's true strength lies in his ability to use Fusion to combine with other party members into extremely powerful forms. In fact, Karn's fusions make him into the best frontline fighter for most of the game as his fuson forms give him huge stat boosts and pump up his HP to near maxed levels by end game. These forms do take more damage than most party members but the big HP boost mitigates this weakness. Karn's fusion forms are largely optional in the game as they are only needed to obtain many of the game's hidden secrets and are never required in the plot. Still, it is in the player's best interest to seek out the master's who teach Karn his Fusion forms.

Fusion Forms
Name AP Cost Location Description
Shin 10 AP Gant Fusion with Bo and Gobi, Bo is dominant and can use his Forest Walk and an advanced Hunting field ability.
Debo 15 AP Gust Fusion with Ox and Gobi, Gobi is dominant. No field ability. Can only be used underwater.
Doof 25 AP Camlon Fusion with Bo and Ox, Ox is dominant, has enhanced strength to move even larger objects.
Puka 40 AP Bleak Fusion between, Bo, Gobi, and Ox, gains the unique field ability to cry, which opens special doors with the Dragon Seal on them.


Karn and Boo

Karn and Bo in Breath of Fire II

  • Karn and Bo can be seen in Breath of Fire II.
  • Karn may be a shaman as he has the power to fuse with his allies.
  • His hobby is acquiring shoes
  • Karn is the only playable black character in the series but his skin color was changed for the American version and was made to make him look caucasian. This change was probably made because his character design is reminiscent of blackface.
  • Karn's North American incarnation resembles Arsène Lupin III, another famous fictional thief.


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