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カーマのとう Kaama no Tou (Karma Tower)
Northwest of Winlan

Karma is a location that appears in the original Breath of Fire. It is an ancient tower which has become overrun by monsters and serves as the base of operations to a powerful wizard. It is located northwest of Winlan and west of Romero,

Role in Breath of Fire[]

When the King of Wyndia is poisoned by the Wizard of Karma, Princess Nina takes it upon herself to retrieve the remedy from the wizard's lair. She is eventually joined in her efforts by two of her father's soldiers. Upon reaching the tower, the party meets and kills the phantom siblings, Morte and Mortea. At the top of the tower, they stumble upon three girls who claim that the wizard was performing experiments on them. To prevent further experimentation, Nina extends the bridge, allowing them to make their way back to Romero. Proceeding down the staircase on the left side, Nina finally meets the wizard. However, much to her dismay, he fills the room with xeon gas, which weakens all members of the Wing Clan. Fighting at a disadvantage, the party falls to the wizard, while one of the soldiers flee and reports back to Winlan to inform the Queen of the bad news. Concerned, the Queen asks Ryu to join the search party that they will be sending to Karma. Agreeing to help, Ryu is flown, by the Wing Clan, to Karma.

After landing on the top of the tower, a soldier escorts Ryu through the first few floors of the tower. However, once they encounter the gas-filled area, Ryu is forced to continue on his own. Ryu arrives in the wizard's chamber just in time to save Nina from being forced into a pit of lava. Annoyed, the wizard battles Ryu and is defeated by him. Still weakened by the effects of the xeon gas, Nina collapses into Ryu's arms. Ryu gets the remedy for the xeon gas and the Wyndian soldiers fly him and Nina back to the castle.




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