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"You've come... Welcome, Ryu... I am the Elder, Jono... Don't let my looks fool you--I'm a nice guy."
— Jono 

Jono is a character within Breath of Fire III. He is the elder of the Brood and resides underground in Dragnier.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Jono is the elder of the village of Dragnier where the last remaining of the Brood reside. Seeking information about the Brood's genocide at the hands of Myria, Ryu is sent to meet the elder. He tells Ryu, Garr, and Nina about the history of the Brood, and that, while Myria is right to be wary of the power of the Brood, she's also wrong about her teaching. After giving Ryu and Garr a history lesson, and getting a kiss from Nina, Jono tells Ryu he holds the true power of the Brood where it can't be detected because of the barrier in the room. He tells Ryu that he must defeat him to prove he is capable of holding such power.

When Jono is defeated, he leaves behind the Infinity gene, the source of Ryu's Kaiser state.

Jono is shown to be both serious but has a sense of humor, as he will crack a joke at times. However, he can be insulted, as Garr unwittingly does so by referring him as "elder" multiple times, which Jono retorts that Garr is the same age as him, refusing to talk to Garr directly after that. He, however, doesn't mind being called "grandpa", as Nina called him that and he laughed about it. He does seem to have a fondness for pretty girls, as he responds very well to Nina but only so-so to Momo, preferring a kiss from the former instead of the latter.


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Jono is fought as a boss, transformed into a mighty dragon.


  • Jono is the only member of the Brood who resides in Dragnier in Breath of Fire III, not to have given up his power to the goddess.
  • Jono is a formidable opponent. However, due to old age and a bad back, Jono will lose one out of every three turns in battle.
  • Jono explains that the room he inhabits prevents use of Brood powers. Strangely enough this doesn't seem to apply to Jono as he transforms into a mighty dragon. One theory is that the Infinity Gene, which he contains, may be powerful enough to override that issue, yet can still be hidden within the barrier without being detected by Myria or the Guardians, while the other Genes are not remotely strong enough to do the same.


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