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Jolt (バル, Baru?), also known as Thunder or Spark, is a recurring ability throughout the Breath of Fire series. It is a lower-tier ability which causes Lightning element damage to multiple targets.

Breath of Fire[]

"Bring down a thunderbolt for 25 points of damage"
— Manual description

Spark cost 4 AP to use and is only learned by Bleu and Bo, both of which already know it when they join your party. It deals 25 thunder damage to a single enemy.

  • Bleu: Starting ability
  • Bo: Starting ability

Breath of Fire II[]

Thunder costs 6 AP to use and is learned by both Nina and Rand. Nina begins with it when she joins your party, while Rand learns it at level 9. It's possible to learn this ability from Barose but this way is not recommended, as it's his weakest spell.

  • Nina: Starting ability

Breath of Fire III[]

Jolt costs 3 AP to use. It is one of Nina's starting ability, and is learned by Rei after reaching level 9. It deals weak electric damage to all targets.

Attack ability {{{description}}}
Target All
AP cost 3
Learned by Nina (Breath of Fire III), Rei
Level learned Starting Ability (Nina), 9 (Rei)
Enemy use Nue, Volt (after power-up), Thunder, Stallion, Ghost, Blue Goblin, BoltMage, Sample 1

Breath of Fire IV[]

Jolt is a Wind & Water elemental combo, made by following a wind based magic with either Frost or Bing, the latter being impossible under normal circumstances.

Attack ability {{{description}}}
Target All
Enemy use Berserkr, Goo King, Angler