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Jellyfish are healing items found in the Breath of Fire series.

Breath of Fire III[]

Jellyfish are an item caught whille fishing. They can be caought with all Bait except the Coin. Jellyfish can be found the Yraall Region and Central Wyndia fishing spots.

As a item Jellyfish can be used to restore 1 HP and can be sold for 5z or be bought for 10z.

Breath of Fire IV[]

Jellyfish are and item found in Rivers 1, 2 and in the shallow end of Lakes 1, 2. They can be caught by using either a Spinner, Winder, Topper, Minnow, Frog, and Worm. Jellyfish can be used when caught to restore 50 HP of one party member and are worth 4z.