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North of Capitan

JahWoods or "Gigli's Hut" is an unrevisitable location that appears in Breath of Fire II where it serves as the home of Gigli Ziz, nicknamed Granny, and the Fire Shaman, Sana. It is located north of Capitan.


If they player enters Gigli Ziz's hut and speaks to her, they are admonished for entering someone's private residence.

Once Sana kidnaps Ryu from Capitan, after some discussion, they attempt to perform Uniting after Ryu "freely" steps onto the center circle. Ryu is frozen in place, and Sana moves away from the door onto the right circle and they attempt to Unite. In doing so they awaken Ryu's Dragon Power in an explosion of fire. Gigli, Sana, and Ryu end up on the overworld at a scorched ruin of where their hut used to be. The pair request to be housed, and after a quick stop at Capistan to reacquire the party only to find them missing, they find a man where Sana was standing earlier. He informs them that their buddies went back to township, and with a pixelated transition the story continues from Township, sparing you another long walk back.


  • LifePL In the dressers of Gigli's hut, which can be obtained before Ryu steps into the center circle (even during the kidnapping story).

Notable Residents[]