ジュダス Judasu (Judas)
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Jade is a character within Breath of Fire. He is the most powerful general in Zog's army and secretly plots to overthrow him and take the Goddess of Destruction's power for himself. His name is actually Judas in the original Japanese.

Role in Breath of FireEdit

Jade first appears in the story leading the attack on the Light Dragon Clan's home of Drogen. Unbeknownst to him and his allies, the Light Dragon Clan has forsaken their power ages ago and only Sara has any remaining power left to mount an attack against his forces. Proving more than a match for his men, Jade duels her personally, dodging her incredible magic and finally landing a decisive blow to end the battle. He captures her so she may be brainwashed to serve the Dark Dragon Clan.

Later, Jade is commanded by Zog to collect the Goddess Keys before Ryu can get them, he summons his four Lieutenants and they discreetly mentions Jade's motive to take the Goddess Keys for himself. He later appears as a mysterious man to advise the party on some occasions, presumably so that he can release the Goddess of Destruction himself and rule the world after disposing of Zog (Goda refers to him as "Emperor Jade" in the Obelisk). He succeeds in obtaining the Goddess Keys, and gains power from releasing the Goddess, but learns that he will lose to Ryu. He turns into a monster and fights Ryu after attempting to convince him to serve him, but is defeated.


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Jade is a Boss in the Obelisk and one of the last before the party faces Tyr.


  • Jade is one of the few characters in the game to have a non-super deformed sprite like the rest of the sprites in the game. His sprite is easily twice the size of most other sprites.

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