Breath of Fire II Boss
おおみみず Oo Mimizu (Great Earthworm)
1103 10
Atk Def Ms
75 48 0
Agi Luck Immunity
52 29 -
440 200
Location SimaFort Basement
Drop Extract,Van.Extract
Drop rate {{{drop rate}}}
Abilities CtrAttck, SwtBrth, Psn.Brth
Element -
Info -

J.Worm is a boss found in Breath of Fire II, in the basement of SimaFort.


Defeating the J.Worm rewards the party with the WormMeat, one of the three key ingredients Jean needs for the cooking competition in SimaFort. The party must also defeat G.Roach and GoldFly.


Ryu should use a Dragon transformation, and then constantly attack. Sten should use Spark (or Flame if he knows it) and Nina should use S.Boom. Rand should attack and heal when needed.  It's a good idea to have Nina and Sten in the rear of the defense formation, because they have low HP and Defense and their spell damage doesn't take a penalty.

J.Worm frequently uses SwtBrth, which can put party members to sleep. They can be woken with Rand's Wake skill or Nina's regular attack, but unless most party members are sleeping the party should focus on dealing damage.

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