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Island of Giants
Island of giants

The Island of Giants is a location found in Breath of Fire II. It lies due north of Gate and northwest of Windia, though you can also reach it by traveling due south from Evrai. As the island is located in the middle of the ocean, it requires Grandpa, the Great Bird, or the flying Township to reach.

As the name implies, the island is home to gigantic monsters, which provide unusually large sums of experience points upon their defeat, but are also extremely durable. It is the only place where one can occasionally encounter K.Sludges, the first iteration of the Goo King enemy in the series.

Points of interest include a hut inhabited by Bo and Karn from Breath of Fire, and a fishing spot in the north which holds a treasure chest containing a LoveBR, an accessory which gradually restores the HP of equipped characters while walking.


As an optional location, the Island of Giants is irrelevant to the story of Breath of Fire II. It's possible to complete the game without ever setting foot on the island, or even notice its existence at all, if one isn't in the habit of exploring the overworld.

The island mostly just serves as a good place to earn experience and zenny, with little else besides a pair of cameos and a useful piece of equipment.


A.Sludges are strong and can cast 8.0, but are highly susceptible to magic, making them easy to kill with the Death spell (castable by using a WorthRG, if you have no one in your party with the spell).

Chorkings have extremely high defense and can inflict party-wide status conditions with RotBrth and Psn.Brth, but their very low HP renders them vulnerable to Chopchop or Offensive Items like F.Spice.

Giant Gongheads are durable, but less dangerous than other monsters here, as they lack any multi-target attacks. They're mostly just annoying due to their tendency to cast Cure 4 on themselves, but their limited AP means they can only do so twice.

K.Sludges are the most dangerous foes you can find here, despite their average size. They are extremely fast, extremely durable, and can cast Death with an extremely high success rate. Equipping characters with LifeBR from Infinity will stop the Death spell, and while they have enough HP to survive Ryu's G.Drgn spell, it will leave them with few remaining HP.


  • Unagi x2
  • Bait x2
  • Minnow x2
  • Tuna x2
  • PileWm
  • Snper
  • Tsr.Box (LoveBR)



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