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Insidia Empire
インシディア帝国 inshidia teikoku
BoF6 insidia

The Insidia Empire is a kingdom that serves as the primary antagonist of Breath of Fire 6.


The Insidia Empire is a powerful empire surrounded by a coniferous forest and a large mountain chain. It was originally a fairly small country off to the north that exploited the resources of neighboring countries. Following a revolution headed by current emperor Steinberg, however, the empire saw a significant military expansion and started invading other territories. They are said to be in possession of weapons diverted from technology of ancient civilizations and hold the power of the Black Dragons.

The Insidia Empire also possess officers of the highest caliber, and an elite force known as the "Black Dragon Knights", led by the empire's strongest and most popular knight, Klaus.

They currently hold two thirds of the continent. Empire troops are also behind the attack on Dragnier Village, though the reason to assault such a small village remains unknown.

Notable Residents[]


  • During the game's early development, the country was originally known as the Schwarz Empire (シュバルツ帝国, shubarutsu teikoku), the German word for "black". The name change was a result of the game's scope and direction expanding from a social app to a full-scale online RPG.
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