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心の中の町 Kokoro no Naka no Machi (Inner Mind Town)

Inheart is a series of towns in Gandaroof's Dream within Breath of Fire II

Old Man Version[]

First Visit[]

Spotting the town as soon as they enter Dream, The party walks into town to find a bunch of old men. Talking to the men, the party learns that these are fragments of Gandaroof. Some corruption becomes evident as the party checks out the item store only to find out that the owner has a speech impediment, and that the bank is actually an armory. An old man babbles in a house with odd geometry in the back. The team finds nothing useful and decides to head east.

After determining that this Town is the Memory Tower[]

See also: Memory.

Young Man Version[]

Arriving in town, a man believes that you are Gandaroof. The party finds out of a third town to the north and some lore about the Dragon Clan, the Demon, the Legend, and Gandaroof's memories. The shops are non-functioning, however the Inn provides a bed that you can rest in for free.

Child Town[]

Arriving in town, the party finds out that something is amiss and that there should only be two towns. The way to locate the Memory Tower is revealed. A child is confused as to who he is. The Item Shop is functioning, and the bank offers an exit from the dream.