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Infinity is the hero's ultimate power, which was renamed-in-translation almost as frequently as the Kaiser. It is the ultimate power of the Brood in the Myria Trilogy though it took many different forms.

Role in Breath of Fire Series[]

Breath of Fire II[]

Translated as "Anfini", it is not a Dragon form but instead a one-shot power that Ryu cannot use until he faces Deathevan's true form. It is a scripted ability, as the battle with Deathevan begins with him killing all of Ryu's allies before taking his true form, Ryu uses the power of Infinity to resurrect the party and face Deathevan. It is obtained in the Dragon Temple located just below Dragnier. Ryu, as the destined child the Brood had been waiting for, is put to the test to prove if he is worthy of the Brood's ultimate power. He is told that Anfini can only be obtained by sacrificing a life for it, so Ryu must speak with his party to determine who he must sacrifice to get the power to save the world. The answer to the test is for Ryu to sacrifice himself, as he should hold others lives more valuable than his own. His selflessness will award him the power. The spell cost 0 AP.

Breath of Fire III[]

Not a Dragon Form or spell, instead Infinity is simply the name of the Dragon Gene that unlocks the Kaiser transformation. The Player acquires the Infinity Gene in Dragonier, Ryu must face a trial against the elder Jono, by facing his Dragon form without the use of his own Brood powers. The Infinity represents the ultimate power of the Brood and the very power that Myria herself feared. Its power is so great that in unless the player uses the Failure Gene or the Radience and Trance Genes along with it, then Ryu loses control of himself and will attack indescriminately. Ryu gains golden hair in this form, and his dragon form is only shown during his breath attack animation.

See: Kaiser

Breath of Fire IV[]

Called "Infini" in the game, it is a dragon transformation that only appears in the game's bad ending where Ryu accepts Fou-Lu's will and the two merge.  The Dragon form is used for one battle where the player uses it to battle Ryu's companions as a final boss fight before recieving the bad ending. It is the most powerful dragon form in the game. It takes the form of a recolored Tyrant dragon with a more angelic color scheme. In their normal forms Ryu and Fou-Lu have their hair turned gold, much like the Kaiser Form from BoFIII.


  • HP: 9999
  • AP: 999
  • Attack: 646
  • Defense: 402
  • Agility: 286
  • Wisdom: 500
  • Regenerates all HP every round
Infini Ability List
Ability AP Cost Category Description
Dark Wave 0 AP Breath Multi-Hit Non-Elemental Damage to all enemies. Damage based on Current HP
Soul Rend 13 AP None Reduces all enemies HP to 1, Never Misses
Hwa 1 AP Fire Level 1 Fire damage to one target
Jeh 2 AP Fire Level 2 Fire damage to all targets
Hwajeh 3 AP Fire Level 3 Fire damage to one target
P' ung 1 AP Wind Level 1 Wind damage to one target
Nah P' ung 2 AP Wind Level 2 Wind damage to all targets
Ahryu P' ung 3 AP Wind Level 3 Wind damage to all targets
Bing 1 AP Water Level 1 Water damage to one target
Bing' ah 2 AP Water Level 2 Water damage to one target
Pa Bing' ah 3 AP Water Level 3 Water damage to all targets
Patoh 1 AP Earth Level 1 Earth damage to all targets
Chi Patoh 2 AP Earth Level 2 Earth damage to one target
Patoh Pah 3 AP Earth Level 3 Earth damage to all targets.


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