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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Enemy
Level HP AP
11 10 20
Attack Defense Magic Speed
45 2 20 5
Move AB Defense XP
5 - 3
Fire Ice Lightning
100% 100% 100%
Dark Death Holy
100% 100% Immune
Attack Defense Magic Speed Move
75% 75% 75% 75% 75%
Poison Confusion Sleep
75% Immune 75%
Bind Stun Frozen
75% 75% 75%
Location Lift to BioCorp

Genic Processor
Genic Accumulator
Old Waste Shaft
Lift: LowSector

Steal Wake Up
Drop Heal Kit
Drop Rate 1:1
Info These genics become recovery potions when defeated! If you're smart, you'll hunt them down.

Hychee is an enemy that appears in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. They are by far the most common and weakest enemies in the game and mainly serve as a source of Heal Kits and small amounts of EXP, rather than an actual threat. Simply hitting them on the field will defeat them without entering combat. Unlike most enemies, they don't actively pursue the player when nearby, although they may occasionally surprise the player by dropping from the ceiling.

A man in the LowSector Borough mentions that Hychees are edible.

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