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Hourglass (時の砂, Toki no Suna?, lit. "Sands of Time") is a battle item in Breath of Fire III.

Breath of Fire III[]

Hourglass is usable during battles. It stops every other combatant's turn and gives the user three extra turns. Using the hourglass overrides any other battle commands, that is, using an hourglass will always be the first action in a turn. Though there are only a limited number of them in the world, it can be copied in the Faerie Village.

Battle Item Stops time for three turns
Target Single
Found Ogre Road, Container Ship, Factory, Station Myria, Ryu's Dream


  • An unused skill, called "The World", is supposed to have the same effect as using the hourglass. When used, it displays random gibberish or the Japanese text "素人女子高生", which roughly translates to "amateur female high-school student". The name of the skill is a reference to Dio's time stopping ability in JoJo's Bizzare Adventure.