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モトの町 Moto no Machi (Town of Origin)
Home Town

HomeTown is a location within Breath of Fire II.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

HomeTown is a large wealthy place found in Breath of Fire II. You first start out in HomeTown years later after the encounter with the monster Ryu and Bow had. HomeTown has many buildings such as stores, a church, a M.School, an Inn, and smaller homes including a mansion. HomeTown is also home to the headquarters of a group of Rangers for hire.

One day Bow has to escape the town after he was falsely accused of stealing an item that he was going to steal from the Trout Mansion and is now a wanted man. After escaping, Ryu begins his journey looking for the mysterious woman who framed his friend.

The party returns to HomeTown several times throughout the game, meeting both Nina and Deis at its Magic School. You also return to the town later on to come back to the Trout mansion to break in and find out what's been up. You find out Trout has been kidnapping people in his basement including the woman that had Bow framed. Trout finds you there and transforms into a Demon and attacks. After he is defeated you release Patty and you learn more horrible details about what's been happening.

Notable Residents[]

  • Wooppi - Can be recruited for Township House #3 - She tells you what you need to do next in the form of fortunes.

Day / Night differences[]

In the apartment across from Ryu and Bow, the boy sleeps at night and the mother parties with several men, and in the day the mother sleeps and the boy roams the apartment.

The left apartment building is locked at night.

The fishman isn't in the inn lobby at night.



HomeTown Item Store
Item Price
Herb 8z
Antdt 12z
LifePL 500z
Smoke 100z
Worm 4z
Shrimp 20z
Urchin 10z
StickRod 300z
HomeTown Armor Store
Item Price
BronzeSD 250z
FalseBW 300z
SuedeAR 300z
SaladBwl 60z
SteelAR 120z




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