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Hitoshi Sakimoto

Hitoshi Sakimoto (崎元 仁 Sakimoto Hitoshi, born February 26, 1969) is a music composer and arranger who worked on numerous video games throughout his career. His only musical contribution in the Breath of Fire series is Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.


Sakimoto began his video game music career along with longtime friend, Masaharu Iwata. Their friendship had started even before his joining to SquareSoft, when they would compose musical scores for the video game company Quest. When Quest was assimilated into SquareSoft, Yasumi Matsuno, a well-known developer at Quest, approached him and Iwata to compose the musical score for Final Fantasy Tactics.

He is currently a freelancer and one of the founding members of Basiscape, an independent music and sound company.

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