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高山族 takayama-zoku (Alpine Tribe)
First appearance: Breath of Fire II
Other appearances: Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Home: Highfort
Leader(s): Unknown

The Highlanders (高山族, takayama-zoku?, lit. "Alpine Tribe") are a tribe of anthropomorphic chimpanzees who reside in the mountainous kingdom of Highfort. The people of this tribe are incredibly gifted in terms of athletic ability and their tribe is a militaristic society. They first appeared in Breath of Fire II.


Dating back to a chaotic and violent time in the world's history, the Highlanders were a militaristic people and had a long and glorious tradition of hiring themselves out as mercenaries and soldiers of fortune. They prided themselves on working fairly and honorably in such endeavors; the Highlanders refuse to hire themselves out to tyrants or attack those who cannot defend themselves. During the Goonheim War, ages ago, the Highlanders were the ones who helped defeat the invading forces of Goonheim, at a terrible cost.

Their land shows scars of the wars they've fought; Highland itself is located in a scorched wasteland, and their central fortress hums with machinery dating back to the war, including a device that could purportedly allow their primary base of operations to fly. By the time of Breath of Fire II, the Highlanders were gradually starting to tone down, having squandered considerable resources and personnel for the sake of Shupkay's megalomaniacal bid to re-activate the Highland Floating Fortress and conquer the world.

Relative peace and prosperity in the ages to follow would mean that Highland gradually fell into decline, with little need for a large military presence and certainly little need for an occupying military force. By the time of Breath of Fire III, the Highlander Clan are still around, but the culture they once represented is nowhere to be found, though a number of Highlanders can be found in civilian and military roles. They seem to be especially common acting as criminal enforcers.

Notable Members[]


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