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Playable Character

The Hero is a character with customizable appearance in Breath of Fire 6. They are the younger sibling of this game's iteration of Ryu and assists him in leading their hometown of Dragnier. Although the Hero's gender can be determined by the player, official material such as the animated trailer and webcomic use the male version.

Role in Breath of Fire 6[]

In Breath of Fire 6, as the game's protagonist, while Ryu is relegated to the role of a supporting non-playable character. They are both residents of Dragnier Village, and descended from a family who have served as the leaders of Dragnier village foleader for generations. Following the Insidia Empire's unprovoked attack on the village, the Hero is rendered unconscious. A traveling magician, Peridot, discovers and revives the Hero and, together, they track down other survivors from Dagnier, eventually reuniting with Gilliam and Jubei. However, the Hero also learns that during that Ryu has disappeared.

The Hero embarks with their allies upon a journey to find Ryu and stop the spread of the Insidia Empire. Along the way, the party works to rebuild Dragnier. While scouting ancient ruins in search of Ryu, the Hero and their friends meet the amnesiac Nina, who then suddenly enters the ruins while proclaiming that "Ryu is calling". The party decides to follow the mysterious girl and protect her from the ruins' monsters.

Breath of Fire 6: The Inherited Force[]

In the official webcomic, the Hero is portrayed as a young man and given the name Kai (カイ, Kai?)).

Chapter 1: Kai and Ryu are first seen sparring in the village, with Ryu quickly getting the upper hand and defeating him. After Ryu offers some encouraging remarks, both are interrupted by Fei's sudden appearance, running away from a horde of monsters. Since Kai is ill-equipped to help, Ryu urges him to seek shelter with Fei while Ryu deals with monsters. Before they can get away, however, they are faced by one of the monsters and saved by Gilliam's timely intervention. Given a real sword by the Wolba warrior, he takes down one of the last monsters in the attack, with Ryu noting to himself how much his younger brother has progressed.


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The Hero strives to be a better warrior and always tries to prove their worth to their friends, especially to their brother Ryu, who they admire and looks up to. They also try to calm down Gilliam and Amelia whenever they start arguing.


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