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Hae Ryong
海竜(アビト) Umi Ryuu(Abito)
Sea Dragon Avatar
Portrait HaeRyongFace Sprite
Sprite Watersprite
"From the depths of the eternal blue, I watchetch o’er this world."
— Hae Ryong

Hae Ryong is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Hae Ryong is the Sea Dragon, a member of the Endless that watch over the world. His avatar appears to be a man covered in armor, and his dragon form, only seen properly when his power is used in battle, is a large aquatic creature.

Ryu and his party first meet him when he, along with several other members of the Endless, is summoned at the Yorae Shrine. They encounter him again at the Fane of the Sea God and receive his blessing, one of the requirements needed to procure a ship that will allow them to reach the Northern Islands. Soon after, Ryu is able to seek him out near the shallow waters and receive the skill Flood Tide, a water and wind breath attack that stuns enemies.

Finding Hae Ryong in the Salt Sea[]

"Thou seekest my blessing? Very well. Thou shalt have it. Once thou walk the whaleroad, seek us out. We shall give you another blessing then young dragon. We dwell in the wild deep places, those protected by hard rock and stone. Bend your sails there, and thou shalt find us."
Hae Ryong to Ryu
HAE RYONG unmarked

Unmarked Island where Hae Ryong dwells

Hae Ryong, the Sea Dragon, first appears before Ryu and the others at Fane as he grants them his blessing in form of the Salt Stone. He states that they should seek him out in the Salt Sea to receive another. "(...)protected by hard rock and stone, bend you sails there, and thou shalt find us." is the hint he gives them.

In order to finally reach Hae Ryong, Ryu and the others have to sail towards Shikk from Lyp. To the left of the ship, they will notice several rock formation in front of an island as well as the deep blue see. They sail to this unmarked island and explore the area to find a deserted, solitary island. This is the place where Hae Ryong dwells.


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