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High Priest

Habaruku is the high priest and founder of religion of St. Eva in Breath of Fire II.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

Habaruku is the High priest and founder of religion of St. Eva in Breath of Fire II. His appearance is that of a regal old man with absolute belief in St Eva, particularly in his wrath. He is very quick to punish and execute those who defy the will of St Eva.

In truth, Habaruku is one of the top demonic agents of Deathevan. He was sent to the surface world to collect life energy and send it to his master. He accomplishes this by forming the Church of St Eva and converting the populace, turning their prayers into the energy needed for Deathevan's resurrection.

In order to release the seal to the Underworld, Habaruku overthew Ganer Bateson as the St Eva priest of Gate and used Aruhamel's powers to erase all memory of Ganer and his children from the minds of the villagers. Disguised as Father Hulk, Habaruku would become responsible for the corruption of Gate, but would have the villagers believe that the dragon is the guilty one.

Near the end of the story, the villagers of Gate attempt to destroy the Dragon under Habaruku's orders. When they fail, he tricks Ryu Bateson and his party into finding Patty and bringing her to him. Once they bring Patty, Habaruku reveals himself and attempt to sacrifice Patty to open the gate to Infinity. However the Dragon intervenes and Habaruku's plans are foiled again. He then decides to use Ryu as his sacrifice. Transforming into his demonic form, he engages Ryu in battle but is defeated.


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  • He is named "Habalq" in the Japanese game.
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