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ハバルク Haruku (Halk)
Sprite Habaruku
Religious leader

Habaruku, referred to as Habalq V in the game's end credits, is the secondary antagonist in Breath of Fire II. Following the opening of the passageway to Infinity, he enters the surface world where he adopts the human disguise of Father Hulk and erases the memories of Gate's inhabitants. He imprisons, the local priest and usurps his position as the community's religious leader and spiritual advisor. In this guise he operates as the high priest of the St. Eva Church and the demon Deathevan's liaison to the surface world.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

Habaruku is the founder of the St. Eva Church where he serves in as its High Priest, preaching St. Eva's gospel of love, salvation, selflessness, light, and all possible positive virtues. In truth, Habaruku is one of the top demonic agents of Deathevan who was sent to the surface world to collect life energy and send it to his master. He accomplishes this by forming the Church of St Eva and converting the populace, turning their prayers into the energy needed for Deathevan's resurrection.

In order to release the seal to the Underworld, Habaruku overthew Ganer as the St Eva priest of Gate and used Aruhamel's powers to erase all memory of Ganer and his children from the minds of the villagers. Disguised as Father Hulk, Habaruku would become responsible for the corruption of Gate, playing the roles of High Priest and town Father for ten years, without anybody realizing the truth.

While residing on his Cathedral, he would oversee the flow of energy sent to Deathevan, courtesy of an ancient machine that transform human emotion into energy in which he had Ganer trapped on to serve as an unwilling power source. Directing his popular religion, he would either through multiple means make his way through nearly every corner of the world, sometimes through force by using the Church's military to harass or coerce portions of the world into submission. Some of St. Eva's miseeds would spark a Resistance with the goal of dethroning the evil religion.

At some point he adopted Ray and raised him like a son and had him indoctrinated in Eva's teachings while also serving as one of his main enforcers, although Habaruku never quite loved Ray as he merely saw him as a useful asset.

After Ryu and his party join the Resistance they plan an assault on the Cathedral by masquerading as devotes and attacking from the inside. When Habaruku makes himself present he reveals the existence of the rebels and exposes Claris a spy now on his grasp in public display. Habaruku torments Claris by reading her mind to extract information on the rebels causing Tiga, the group's leader to engage Habaruku in combat, although Habaruku kills him and subsequently kills Claris as an exhibition of Eva's Godly power before resuming the gospel's lecture.

Taking his leave, he is followed by Ryu's party. Realizing they are enemies, Habaruku has Ray to deal with them while he escapes. Ray battles Ryu but in truth aims to help him grasp his true power as a member of the Dragon Clan. Ray succumbs to his injuries and dies hoping to atone for his sins, knowing the Church was evil but unable to commit himself to act against them out of gratitude to Habaruku for raising him.

The party chases after Habaruku who is disappointed at Ray and scorns him as a failure as he makes his escape. The party follows after but finds themselves in a crushing trap that has Rand about to be crushed alive. Daisy, his mother pushes Rand to his safety at the cost of her life. The party follows Habaruku with reignited fury. At the top of the Cathedral, Habaruku has Archers to deal with Ryu while he keeps making his where he feigns being cornered before descending to secret floors. The party ventures and finds the machine used by St. Eva to funnel energy to Deathevan with Ganer trapped on it, as its security system activates against the intruders. Ryu and his party can either destroy the entire apparatus along with Ganer or save him, depending on how they perform in battle against the Guardeyes. In either case with the machine damaged, the stored energy begins to flow out of control, imploding all over the place. Ryu and his party are teleported to safety while the Cathedral is evaporated, taking the bulk of St. Eva's leadership with it and cutting Deathevan of his main power source.

Near the end of the story, the villagers of Gate attempt to destroy the dragon whom Habaruku, under the guise of Father Hulk, has blamed for the decaying life of the town. The townspeople activate bombs on the Dragon, and their explosions weaken the Dragon sufficiently to partially open the gate allowing Deathevan's minions to begin their assault on the surface world. Pretending to realize the error of his ways, Father Hulk then tricks the party into finding Patty and bringing her to him. Once they bring Patty, Habaruku reveals his true colors and attempts to sacrifice Patty -- who in reality is Ryu's long lost sister, Yua -- in order to fully open to gate to Infinity. However, even in its weakened state the Dragon intervenes and Habaruku's plans are foiled again. He then decides to use Ryu as his sacrifice instead. Transforming into his demonic form, he engages the party in battle, but is defeated.


Habaruku appears as an elderly bald man with prominent facial hair. He dons a suit of regal purple clothes with several golden lines and what appear to be green jewels in the middle. In his true form, Habaruku retains his clothing but reveals himself as a green-eyed Chutulian like monstrosity, with a round spiked octopus head and multiple orange tentacles.


Habaruku preaches salvation, love and compassion to the masses, being a charismatic figure to his followers and even respected for his altruistic dogma, extending a hand to the deprived, and healing people from their ailments.

In truth, Habaruku is every bit as evil as the rest of his kin, a diabolical Demon with no qualms about manipulating, seducing and sacrificing others for the sake of his God whom he serves faithfully and with zealous devotion. Habaruku is sadistic, arrogant and ruthless, he loves toying with his opponents, torturing them physically and psychologically and kills without remorse and the utmost delight, and even gloats about his deeds to his hypnotized followers. Cunning, dual-faced, patient and calculating, Habaruku is one of the most frighteningly dangerous Demons to ever exist.


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