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A battle showing the four party members' remaining HP and AP in Breath of Fire.

HP, or Hit Points, is a recurring stat in the Breath of Fire series which determines how close a character is to death. When the character is hit by the damage from an attack, their HP is depleted. If an enemy's HP reaches zero, they are eliminated from the battle, while if a party member's HP reaches zero, they will automatically acquire the Death status condition.

The Death status prevents characters from performing actions in battle, making them useless in battle. If all members of the player's party are dead, the player is sent back to the last save point with a quarter of un-banked Zenny lost in Breath of Fire and half of un-banked Zenny lost in Breath of Fire II, with all progress otherwise kept as it was just before the battle. In Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV, the game is over when all party members are dead, resulting in all progress since the player last saved to be lost.

It is possible to restore HP by using restorative skills or items in battle or out of battle, however it is not possible to restore a dead character's HP until they are revived from Death.

HP cannot exceed the character's Max HP. The Max HP acts as a limit, while the character's current HP may change quite frequently, Max HP can only be increased by increasing in level or using Stat-Raising items. Generally, boss characters have a far greater amount of HP than player characters.

During battle, usually only the remaining HP is shown for each character. In Breath of Fire, holding Select will show the maximum HP for each character instead while the button is pressed.

In Breath of Fire IV, when a character is revived from the Death condition, their maximum HP will be temporarily reduced until they rest at an inn.