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Guts (きあい, Kiai?) is a gameplay element in the Breath of Fire Series. It has a chance to automatically revive a character from Death with a single HP. The chance of Guts triggering is based on the character's Willpower.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

A character's Guts stat can be viewed on the status option of the menu screen. Unlike the other stats in the game, Guts is not displayed as a numerical value, but rather as a series of flame icons.

In Breath of Fire II Guts is also the name Ryu's combat special ability. It can be used an unlimited amount of times and recovers an amount of HP based on his guts stat and how HP he is currently missing. The algorithm used to calculate how much HP he recovers switches to a different, more generous algorithm, if he is missing at least half of his maximum HP. 

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

The characters display their own individual messages when Guts triggers:

  • Ryu: Ryu recovers with willpower
  • Rei: Heh, guess I slipped...
  • Teepo: OK, now I'm angry!
  • Nina: Don't count me out yet!
  • Momo: Hey! That hurt!
  • Peco: Wheeeeeeeeep!
  • Garr: Was that supposed to hurt?