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First appearance: Breath of Fire III
Home: Urkan Tapa
Leader(s): Myria

The Guardians are a race within Breath of Fire III. They were created by the Goddess of Destruction with the sole purpose of destroying the Dragon Clan.


The Guardians fought in the Great War against the Dragon Clan. They believed themselves to have wiped them out, When in fact the Dragon Clan let them win, because of the potential destruction that would have occurred should the Dragon Clan have unleashed their real strength. During the war, the Guardians killed a total of 932 members of the Dragon Clan (299 by Garr, 234 by Gaist, 201 by Gatz, and 198 by Gaw).

After the war, when a Guardian feels his duty is complete, they visit Angel Tower to communicate with God and enter an eternal stone sleep, for their loyal service to God. Gatz and Gaw have undergone this process, while Gaist and Garr have yet to.

In the event of the Goddess's death, the Guardians would turn back into stone, as seen in Breath of Fire III.

Notable Members[]


  • All four Guardians' names start with Ga.
  • The guardians appear to be based on gargoyles and the notion of them protecting places and people.
  • They may also be based on the Garuda or the Karura (Japanese version). This is evidenced by the fact that the latter are said to breathe fire (the type of magic Garr uses) and feed on dragons.

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