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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Enemy
Guardian Ant
Level HP AP
11 175 30
Attack Defense Magic Speed
76 60 6 37
Move AB Defense XP
40 _ 34
Fire Ice Lightning
100% 100% 100%
Dark Death Holy
25% 25% Immune
Attack Defense Magic Speed Move
75% 25% 75% 25% 25%
Poison Confusion Sleep
75% 75% 75%
Bind Stun Frozen
25% 25% 25%
Location Old Waste Shaft
Steal Lurid Dust
Steal Rate 1:2
Drop Protein

Lurid Stone

Drop Rate 1:4
Abilities Multiattack


Guardian Ant is an enemy within Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Guardian Ants are more durable and have a slightly stronger attack than Worker Ants. They will cast Shield to minimize the damage that they take. They will go into attack mode if one of their allies is killed.

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