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The Great Bird (だいとり, Dai Tori?, lit. "Great Bird") is an animal which serves as a form of transportation in Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II.

Rather than being naturally occuring animals, the great birds are a special form which members of the Wing Clan are able to take. Originally, all members of the Wing Clan gained this ability upon reaching adulthood, although the Wyndian Royal Family was able to transform into larger and more majestic birds than the rest of the population.[1] However, when that game's incarnation of Nina chose to marry outside of her clan, it had the unexpected effect of weakening her clan's bloodline[2] causing them to lose many of their ancestral abiliies.

Several centuries later,[3] the ability to transform into a great bird was only available to those who underwent a ritualistic trial,[4] which would cause them to permanently assume the form.[5] By the time of Breath of Fire III, most Wyndians no longer had wings. While they remembered that their ancestors were able to fly, no reference to the ability of the Great Bird is ever made, and it is unclear if they even remember their people once possessed such an ability.[6]

Role throughout the series[]

Breath of Fire[]

In Breath of Fire, all members of the Wing Clan have the ability to turn into Great Birds once they reach adulthood.[1] When Ryu rescues Nina one of Wyndia's soldiers transforms into a Great Bird to take Ryu to Karma. Other Great Birds can be seen fighting the Dark Dragon Clan. Later in the game, due to aging from the Time Key, Nina gets the ability to transform into a Great Bird herself. Nina's Great Bird form is used by the party to enter Scande.

Breath of Fire II[]

Centuries after the events of the first game, the Wing Clan has lost the ability to turn into Great Birds, as a result of the previous game's Nina marrying outside of the clan.[2] It is still possible for a member of the Wing Clan to become a Great Bird by undergoing a specialized ritual. The only problem is that once someone becomes a Great Bird, they must remain in that form for the rest of their lives.[5]

Breath of Fire III[]

By the time of this game's events, most adult members of the Wing Clan, lack wings entirely, and for those who do possess them, they are merely decorative. While the Wyndians recall that their ancestors enjoyed the gift of flight,[1] it is unclear where they also remember that they possessed the ability to transform into Great Birds.


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