Grassrunner Clan
First appearance: Breath of Fire II

The Grassrunner Clan is a race within the Breath of Fire series. They are a tribe of people with animal-like features.


There is very little known about the origins of the Grassrunner clan, except that they have been around for thousands of years. The grassrunners are thought to be a highly intelligent tribe, but not all members seem to follow suit. They have no known homeland and there appears to be very few of them left in the world.


Members of the Grassrunner clan are distinguished by their animal-like characteristics which vary based upon the individual and can mimic the traits of such species as foxes, rabbits, and domesticated dogs.

Notable MembersEdit


  • Although members of the tribe closely resemble dogs, Ursula appears to have fox-like features. This could be due to cross-breeding. On the other hand, the people of the Fou Empire may be either an offshoot race, or a different species entirely.
  • The suggestion that the more human members of the Grassrunner Clan are such because of cross-breeding with humans mirrors the Wing Clan gradually losing their ability to fly due to breeding outside the clan, as established in Breath of Fire II.
  • According to the Breath of Fire Official Complete Works Artbook, the founder of the tribe is a god with the head of a beast. It also explains that members of the tribe boast great physical strength and strong vitality, and that they specialize in physical combat.
  • The Grassrunner Clans seem to be similar to the Forest Clan, as both are canine-like people, with the Forest Clan being humanoid wolves, especially when compared to some males of the Grassrunner Clan. It's possible that the Grassrunner Clan is a sub-breed or at least related to the Forest Clan, similar to how dogs and foxes are related to wolves.
  • Grassrunner members seem to favor long-ranged or shooting weapons, such as crossbows and guns, as the only Grassrunner player character that doesn't use such weapons is Scias, who uses swords.


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