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Granz Kingdom
グランツ王国 gurantsu oukoku
BoF6 granz

The Granz Kingdom is a location found in Breath of Fire 6.


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The Granz Kingdom who is ruled by Fritz resides close to Dragnier and also enemies of the Insidia Empire who they are at war with. The Kingdom is a place of faith still holding on to the "Dragon Tradition".

The Granz Kingdom is the country with the oldest history in the continent, and boasts of an impenetrable defense system that has repelled invasion forces from other countries for hundred of years. As a result of the Insidia Empire's invasion efforts, the country has seen an increase in activity as the inminent war approaches. This has also led to a large increase of adventurers and mercenaries showing up at the castle town.

Notable Residents[]


The castle town will serve as the game's lobby, where players will gather and be able to recruit others to tackle multiplayer missions, show off any new equipment and clothes or simply chat.


  • During the game's early development, the country was originally known as the Weiss Kingdom (ヴァイス王国, vaisu oukoku), the german word for "white". The name change was a result of the game's scope and direction expanding from a social app to a full-scale online RPG.
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