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おばば Obaba (Grandma)
Non-Playable Character
Attendant to Queen Poporo

Granny is a non-playable character who appears in Breath of Fire II. She is the attendant of Queen Poporo and is not to be confused with Gigli Ziz, a character from the same game whom the Shamans refer to as "Granny."

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

Granny is Queen Poporo's oldest attendant, and it is possible that she was the Queen's childhood nurse. She is the one who explains the Queen's condition to Ryu and his friends when they arrive in Tunlan. Granny has an old enmity toward Gedd, the Queen's former court magician. However, when he returns to Tunlan in an attempt to cure the Queen, the two of them agree to a temporary truce. In spite of this, they both demonstrate a difficulty in trusting each other. While Gedd is inspecting the Queen in order to determine the cause of her illness, Granny reveals that she's heard rumors of people in other lands turning into demons. With the party's assistance, Gedd is ultimately successful in healing the Queen, however the process leaves her in an emaciated state. After teasing Gedd about his magic becoming weakened due to his old age, Granny realizes that they must permanently put aside their feud in order to save the Queen's life. She invites Gedd to move back into the castle so that he can personally oversee the Queen's recovery.


Granny is a hunched, old woman. Her sprite is a palette swap of the same one used for Gigli Ziz and many other old women throughout the game.


Despite Queen Poporo's selfish and spoiled ways, Granny deeply cares about her and consistently sides her side in arguments. She is also very protective of her, and when Gedd examines the Queen, Granny is worried that he might hurt her. It seems that Granny may have inadvertently enabled the Queen's poor behavior throughout her life.

When the Queen's parasitic infection is cured, Granny is so overwhelmed with gratitude that she arranges to have the treasury unlocked and invites Ryu and his friends to take whatever they need. Perhaps even more surprisingly, she realizes that she and Gedd must come to a permanent truce for the sake of the Queen's continued health. This demonstrates that as stubborn and sharp-tongued as Granny might be, she is still a grateful individual at heart whose top priority is her beloved Queen's well-being.


The character's Japanese name おばば can be romanized as "Obaba" and means "Honorable Grandmother." This is shortened to "Baba", or Grandmother, in the game's credits. Baba incidentally also means "grandmother" in several other languages, such as Russian.