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Grand Church (St.EvaCh)

Grand Church, (referred to as St.EvaCh in-game) also known as the Cathedral, is a location in Breath of Fire II. Situated atop a plateau on the island of Evrai, it acts as the global headquarters of the St. Eva Church and is led by Habaruku. Pilgrims and devotees throng the church in search of God's blessings. The group travels to the church in order to free Rand's mother and aid the Resistance movement.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

The party reaches the Grand Church for the first time after Mina becomes the Great Bird. However, they are not allowed entry, but must escape and join forces with Tiga, Patty, and the other resistance members. After defeating Necroman at Bando, the party gains the ability to enter and leave the city as and when they want.

The resistance successfully infiltrate the church, disguised as members of the clergy and pilgrims. Hidden amid the awed mass, they listen to Habaruku's sermon. However, Habaruku soon reveals that a spy had recently been discovered in their midst. He brings out Claris, and begins to torture her. Tiga, even after knowing it is a trap, steps forth and engages him. He teleports out of the way each time, until Habaruku strikes back. He then drops Claris from great height. Tiga crawls to Claris's body, and Habaruku vaporizes them in a bolt of lightning. Katt, enraged by Habaruku's actions, urges the party to engage.

After the player chooses and sets up the party, the party attempts to engage Habaruku, who declares that it is the end of prayer and walks away before they reach him. The party follows him into the chapel, and during their initial confrontation Ray appears, and as Habaruku retreats, he orders Ray to engage the party. As Ray transforms, the Dragon tear further senses increasing allegiance to Ryu as he transforms into a dragon, thus revealing himself to be a member of the Dragon Clan. Ray pushes Ryu to his limit and the G.Dragon form emerges within Ryu. Ryu unleashes his new form against Ray, and the battle ends. Ray admits he was wrong, and as he dies, he begs Ryu to create a world where a god can be believed in.

The party proceeds upstairs to find Habaruku again, this time with Daisy. As Habaruku retreats again, the floor gives way. The party cuts through Daisy's cell and continues upstairs. The party passes a catwalk floor, and eventually reaches another floor with a decrepit wall. Rand knocks it down, but the building shakes as the far wall slams into him. As the party panics, he holds the walls apart with sheer force. He begs the party to leave him as he struggles to hold it open. The party retreats upstairs. Rand's mother appears and attempts to help him. As they both realize that pushing is futile, his mother retreats and then charges in, pushing him out of the way. Rand vainly tries to help. He looks away just as the walls slam shut. The party upstairs hears the slam, and Rand emerges from the stairs. The party climbs further, emerging from the tower onto a gangplank, surrounded by Archers and Habaruku continues to taunt them from a distance. The party presses through the Archers as Habaruku continues to retreat.

Ryu and his friends find themselves in the dungeons of the Church. There is an exit, so that the player can heal and save and then re-continue, as a gimmick boss fight is coming up. The party walks through the corridors, and come across a room which is guarded by laser eyes. At the other end, there is a gigantic machine, to which an old man is attached: the machine, fueled by the soul of the man, is used to convert the prayers and souls of St. Eva's followers into energy to feed Deathevan. As the party approaches the contraption, three Guard Eyes appear and attack the party. The gimmick to the fight is to defeat only the Guard Eyes and not the man, since if the man dies, the player is locked out of the best game ending. So, the party cannot use any multi-targeting spells or abilities, and should carefully calculate their damage output, since any residual moves in a turn after a Guard Eye dies is always aimed at the old man.

After the fight, the man is either detached from the machine, or dies. The machine, having lost its energy source, is unable to maintain the flow of souls to Deathevan, which floods back and clots the machine. Should the man live, he teleports everyone out, else the party members must exit on foot, as the machine explodes, destroying the town of Evrai above. The party is prevented from reentering the town after this.

If the player manages to save the old man, he reveals himself to be Ganer.


  • ElemntAR on the left side of the Catwalk floor.
  • 1000c on the right side of the Catwalk floor.
  • BlastKN After the pushing wall.
  • SkullBR step off of the first archer's (southwest) platform and go into the room north.
  • DmndBR Northeast after following Habaruku down.
  • RainbwRB Northwest after following Habaruku down.
  • CrmsnCL Solve the puzzle of the navigation platform (R,U,R,R,D,U,D)