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The GooKing Sword (Gumiou no Tsurugi, グミオウの剣?, lit. "Gumiking Sword") is a very rare weapon that can be found in Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV. It can be obtained by defeating the respective game's version of the the Goo King enemy. However, the weapon has the lowest possible drop rate in both games, which makes the process of obtaining it much more difficult. As such, it is recommended to use the skill Charm to increase the chance of obtaining it, as well stealing the Goo King's Apple in order to keep it in battle, as it would otherwise flee.

In Breath of Fire III, the GooKing Sword can alternatively be obtained through the number guessing game in the Casino of the Fairy Village by guessing the first try correctly from the second Fairy within the Casino. However, there is no alternate means of acquiring the sword in Breath of Fire IV.

Breath of Fire III[]

GooKing Sword
Weapon 180 Non-Elemental Damage
Target Single
Dropped Goo King