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Breath of Fire
しょうぐん Shougun (Military Commander)
250 0
110 40 50 80
Base EXP Base Gold
1200 300
Weakness Shadow
Row Front
Aiming Normal
AB priority 3
Location Lament Woods
Stone Robot
Drop Life2
C.Stn (1/8)
Drop rate 13.28125%
Actions Fry
Info He cannot cast fry because he does not have the AP to do so.
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General is an enemy and recurring boss in Breath of Fire.

Role in Breath of Fire[]

Generals are high-ranked members in the Dark Dragon Army, above the Knights. The first General encountered by the party is the one tormenting Tantar and Tuntar, having blocked the river and kidnapped the chief of Tuntar. The General makes his first appearance in Tuntar disguised as the chief. When Ryu and Nina infiltrate the Dark D. Fort they find the General, still disguised, being held captive by Dark Dragon Soldiers. After the soldiers are defeated, the disguised General insists that they steal the Dark Dragon's weapons. He precedes to lead Ryu and Nina to a cell and traps them inside. He then reveals his true identity and has his pet attack them. After Ryu and Nina defeat Pog, they are released by Bo who had saved the real chief of Tuntar in the confusion. They defeat the General who retreats after the battle.

Later, when Ryu's group attempts to restore the Stone Robot they are attacked by the General who wants to control the Robot himself. The General is once again defeated and is not seen again until Terry and Amelia's wedding. During the festivities he steals the Stone Robot and uses it to destroy Tuntar. He orders the Stone Robot to destroy Tantar as well but it does not respond, much to the General's annoyance. Ryu's group use the Stone Robot's innaction as an opportunity to take it back. The General transforms into a Gremlin but is defeated by Ryu's group once and for all.

The second General the party meets is in the Dark Dragon Ship, the brother of the Squid Knight who turns into Octo to try to avenge him but fails. The party later meets a third General at the Hidden Fort, the one responsible for capturing the Iron Ogre Clan. He morphs into Toad and is killed. The fourth and final General is faced at the Nabal Castle, where he sics three soldiers and leaves to use the Torpedo to destroy Prima. Once the party ruins his plans and sinks his ships, the General fights them underwater, morphings into Pincher.


The General is an event boss and a mid strengthed enemy which upon defeat gives a lot of EP. He is found in the Dark D. Fort or in the Stone Robot only during an event. They can sometimes either drop a Life2 or a C.Stn and are worth 1200 EP and 300 GP when defeated.

Although he hits hard he's still not hard to beat just have Nina use the E.Key and Ryu and Bo attack also you can use Bo's spells like Fry but it's not necessary as he should go down in two or three turns.

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