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ゲイト村 Geito Mura (Gate Village)
BOF2 The gate Village

Gate is a location in Breath of Fire II. It is Ryu hometown and serves as the gateway between the human world and Infinity. It is situated in the same spot as Dragnier was in the original Breath of Fire, while in this game Dragnier lies deep underground, as part of Infinity.



The begins with Ryu as a young boy living in the remote village of Gate. Gate later becomes a somber place after Demons have escaped the sealed doors to Infinity. Before they were released, the forest around Gate and all the trees and grass begin to die, which the people of Gate blame it on the dragon guarding the doors to infinity.


Approximately ten years later, Ryu returns to his hometown with the party and finds that Father Hulk has convinced the town that the Dragon has killed the forest and therefore must be destroyed. In an effort to do so, the Dragon is bombed, but the explosion merely dislodges the dragon, which in turn breaks open the seal to Infinity and unleashes the monsters upon the world. Father Hulk begins panicking and pacing. He comes up with the idea to fetch Patty to talk to the dragon. Before leaving they decide to peek inside the left door, finding Shin the Devil Shaman. Upon warping to CotLnd, the Guard says she got hungry and that she went to a Restaurant. Upon arriving at Wildcat's, He informs that she ate her meal and went to challenge the grave once more. Upon arriving at ThvsTomd, the thief with the white bandana said she mentioned a new town south of HomeTown. Warping to TownShip, Ryu finds her in his room. She dashes off back to Gate. At the Seal, after some conversation between The Dragon, Father Hulk and Patty, Father Hulk knocks Patty back and reveals himself to be Habaruku, and that it was him all along. Habaruku attempts to sacrifice Patty to break the seal, but the Dragon suddenly moves and pushes Habaruku back. The Dragon pushes Patty into the grass. The Dragon orders Ryu to run, but he ignores her and tags Habaruku to engage him in battle. After defeating Habaruku, The dragon presents Ryu with a choice. Do you deny your destiny and wait, or do you go inside and defeat the demon? If you deny your destiny, the demons overrun the world and the game ends.

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