Ganer Bateson is a character found in Breath of Fire II.

Ganer Bateson
ガナー Ganaa (Ganer)
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Sprite Father Ganer

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

Ganer is a non-playable character who appears in Breath of Fire II. He is the father of both Ryu Bateson and Yua Bateson.

Before the events of the game, Ganer encounters Valerie when she arrives on the surface and enters his church in the town of Gate. Falling instantly in love, the two marry and have two children, Ryu and Yua. Shortly after Yua's birth, the town of Gate is attacked by demons from a weakened seal on the cave to Infinity. Ganer is distracted in battle with the demons and loses sight of Valerie, who ends up sacrifices her human form to reinforce the seals and stop the demons from coming through. Ganer, believing Valerie died in the attack, blames himself and thinks he was not strong enough to save her. Afterwards he continues to raise Ryu and Yua on his own.

At the start of the game, Yua runs off to see the dragon at the cave. Ganer sends Ryu after her, but follows behind and saves him when he is overwhelmed by a monster. Afterwards he leaves Ryu and takes Yua back with him to town.

When they arrive back to town, they discover that the townsfolk have been attacked by the demon Aruhamel. Ganer tells Yua to run while he fights the demon. Unfortunately he is defeated and captured, and all of the villagers memories of Ganer and his family are erased. Only Ryu (and presumably Yua) were spared from the mind erasing effects. This incident is also the event which ultimately sets Ryu on his path to leave Gate and investigate the strange happenings on the world.

Ryu and his friends encounter Ganer much later in the game at the Grand Church. The demons have forcibly connected Ganer to a machine that sends the prayers to Deathevan in the form of energy. If the player manages to destroy the Guardeye without harming Ganer, then he will be released from the machine and helps the party escape Grand Church before it explodes. However, if the player causes too much damage to Ganer during the battle, he will instead die.

Should Ganer be rescued, he will be taken to Township where he will volunteer to become the energy source to allow the town to fly. This will also determine which ending the player will receive after defeating the final boss.

Despite being a priest of St. Eva, Ganer is shown to be a very openminded to other religious ideas and philosophies, as evidenced when he prays at the dragon god altar with Valerie.

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