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Game Points are a part of Breath of Fire IV's game mechanics. It can be used to evolve dragon forms and level-up the Mutant's breath attack. It is obtained from playing mini games.


Game points are awarded when the player completes a minigame as part of the story, or by replaying minigames after clearing the game. Game points are lost when players attack NPCs using Ryu's, Ershin's, or Ursula's field actions.

The best point yield on is the Sandflier minigame; on the 6 routes you can score up to 10,000 (6000 for speed, plus 4000 for style). These points aren't cumulative, but you will earn the point difference every time you beat your previous score. Maxing out these scores can earn you 60,000, just 2000 shy of unlocking everything Game Points can offer.

The two repeatable ways to get points are to ride the Mount Ryft raft minigame repeatedly, scoring up to 400gp with a small dungeon to pass through per attempt. Or to replay the crane minigame at Wharf, earning up to 700gp (10% of the first-time available score).


Dragon forms evolve at 10,000, 20,000, 35,000, and 50,000 points respectively, and the upgrade is applied to whichever form you turn into first after acquiring said point totals. Fou-lu's connected dragon forms will also evolve at this time.

Mutant's Stardrop attack upgrades at 30000, 38000, 48000, 54000, and 62000 Game Points, and evolved-form Punk's Stardrop is always one level higher, even with the same number of Game Points (so Mutant's version goes from level 1-5, while Punk's goes from level 2-6). It hits six times at level 1, and then two more times per upgrade, maxing out at sixteen hits at level 6.


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  • Feed the Old Man - Non-replayable, up to 1000gp
  • Information Broker - Non-replayable, up to 1000gp
  • Collapsing Bridge - Non-replayable, up to 1000gp
  • Sluice Wheel - Non-replayable, up to 1500gp
  • Barrels & Jars - Non-replayable, up to 3300gp (1800 sorting, 1500 time). Note: extra points if you arrange jars and barrels in 4 corners of respective finish area.
  • Crane - Cumulative replayable, up to 7000gp (2000 sorting, 5000 time) first time, up to 700gp on replaying
  • Mast Jumper - Non-replayable, up to 4150 (1150 win, 3000 time)
  • [1]River Raft - Cumulative replayable, up to 400gp
  • Sandflier - Highest Score replayable, 6 Routes earning up to 10,000gp each