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Game Over Breath of Fire III PSP

A Game Over in Breath of Fire III.

Game Over is a common gameplay mechanic which appears in most video games where, due to fulfilling certain conditions, the player considered to have "lost" the game, and must restart the game either from the beginning or from a save point. In the Breath of Fire series, the most common condition that causes a game over is all present party members being simultaneously dead in battle. However, in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, reaching 100% on the D-Counter will also result in a game over.

In Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II, when it occurs the player is merely sent back to the last save point with a quarter of un-banked Gold lost in Breath of Fire, with all progress otherwise kept as it was just before the battle; in Breath of Fire II, the player lost half of un-banked Zenny if the game was saved in a St. Eva church, and much less with the dragon statue. If the party is eliminated in a battle, a message stating that "The party has fallen" will appear before the player is sent to the save point. Breath of Fire III introduces the Game Over screen to the series, where entering Game Over will result in all progress since the player last saved to be lost, as the player can only return to the title screen after it occurs.

A unique music track plays when the game over state is reached. The song that plays in Breath of Fire IV is titled Game Over, most likely named after the event that this track plays in.