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Breath of Fire III Boss
ガイスト Gaisuto (Geist)
Gaist Sprite
2500 1000
Pwr Def Agl Int
135 65 25 300
EXP Zenny
1000 500
Flame Frost Electric
7 1 3
EarthIconIII Sprite WindIconIII Sprite Holy
3 3 5
PsionicIconIII Sprite StatusIconIII Sprite DeathIconIII Sprite
5 5 7
Location Cliff
Abilities Sanctuary
Risky Blow

Gaist is a boss enemy that appears in Breath of Fire III. He is fought in conjunction with two Torches.


Action type
1/2 Attack Sprite
1/2 Abilities Sprite
3/8 NormalIconIII Sprite Sanctuary
2/8 StatusIconIII Sprite Howling
2/8 NormalIconIII Sprite Risky Blow
1/8 FlameIconIII Sprite Corona
Condition HP ≤ Max HP/2
Action type
1/4 Attack Sprite
3/4 Abilities Sprite
2/8 StatusIconIII Sprite Howling
3/8 NormalIconIII Sprite Risky Blow
3/8 FlameIconIII Sprite Corona


Ryu and Garr meet up with Gaist at Cliff, where they tell him they're trying to go and meet God to get an explanation as to why the Brood had to be destroyed, but they need Deis' help to get there.

Gaist agrees to help them free Deis, but wants to talk to Ryu alone first, where he asks Ryu if he seriously wants to know the truth. When Ryu answers that he wants to know the truth, Gaist then asks Ryu to fight him. After Gaist is defeated, he commends Ryu and apologizes, saying that Deis' seal couldn't be broken as long as he was alive. He tells Ryu and his friends that he would've liked to go and meet God with them, then crumbles into sand soon afterwards. Examining his remains immediately after the battle will allow the player to acquire the Beast Spear for Garr. This is the only way to obtain the Beast Spear.


Gaist is fought with Ryu alone, so this fight may be slightly difficult. Gaist has Sanctuary, so Shield and any other buffs should only be used once or twice. Get rid of the torches as soon as possible, as they can heal Gaist or damage Ryu.

Gaist can use Howling, which can confuse Ryu even if he's using Accession. If the player chooses to use Accession, choose Force + Frost to gain access to ice abilities. Use Frost Breath to get rid of the torches, then defeat Gaist with either Focus in conjunction with Aura for maximum damage, or just use Frost Claw each turn.

Another option is to use the Force + Fire + Thorn combination, which increases Ryu's Attack Power and Agility and makes him absorb fire attacks.

  • As Gaist is a Devil-type foe, a Demonbane in Ryu's hands (and in dragon form) will make Ryu's normal attacks deal much more damage to him, making the use of the Frost Claw through the Frost Gene redundant. The blade can be acquired as early as possible in a developed Fairy Village through Exploration (Distant), at the time when you leave the Dauna Mines as a adult.
  • If you want to deal the greatest amount of damage possible to Gaist (9999 Damage), use Gloom (25% success) in conjunction with 2x's Focus and Aura as a Warrior. Gloom turns Gaist into an Undead with 0 Holy Resistance.

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