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Forest Clan
First appearance: Breath of Fire
Home: Tantar
Leader(s): Tantar Chief

The Forest Clan is a demonym used to denote the inhabitants of Tantar,[1] a town that appears in the original Breath of Fire. They are a hunting-based society who established Tantar after the Dark Dragons drove them from their homeland. The clan consists of human, wolba, and iron ogre members.


The Dark Dragons pressed the Forest Clan from their homelands in an attempt to coerce them into giving up the Ring, a magical artifact in their clan's possession. The Forest Clan responded by building a new town, Tantar, across the river from Tuntar. Eventually, a party of Tantar and Tuntar warriors attempted to route the garrison of Dark Dragons stationed at the nearby Lament Woods. However, the warriors were forced to retreat when one of their members, Terry was wounded by an arrow. The Dark Dragons then retaliated by using a boulder to dam the river which served as both Tantar and Tuntar's primary water source. After Ryu and his party defeat the Dark Dragon garrison and restor the river's natural flow, Tantar's chief entrusts the Ring to Ryu's care.


The Forest Clan is led by a local chief. They enjoy a close and harmonious relationship with Tantar's sister city, Tuntar, with intermarriage occurring between the their populations.


Members of the Forest Clan are naturally gifted hunters and skilled in forestry.[2] At least one member of their population is a master fisherman.[3]

Notable Members[]

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