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Focus (気合ため, Kiaitame?, lit. "Gather Fighting Spirit") is recurring ability and positive status condition in Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV.

Breath of Fire III[]

Focus costs 0 AP to use and is taught by Bunyan after being apprenticed to him for 5 levels. It is also possible to learn Focus by examining several bosses/enemies.

Focus can be used twice in a row. The first use increases power by 50%, and the second time increases it by an additional 50% of its original value, for a total increase of 100%. By doing so, at the end of the second use, the user will have double their original power. This bonus ends when its recipient performs any other action.

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Target User
AP cost 0
Enemy use Weretiger, Reaper, Manmo

Enemy use[]

Due to a bug, enemies using this skill will have their attack halved instead of increased.

Breath of Fire IV[]

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Focus costs 0 AP to use. It increases the user's power and counterattack rate. It can be obtained from Kahn after 300 battles, or from examining enemies.