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Crow and flower jewel

A crow drops the Flower Jewel.

The Flower Jewel is a precious stone that appears in Breath of Fire III. It belongs to the faerie Meryleep and returning it to her allows player characters to study under her as a master.

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

When the party first meets Meryleep at her pond, she tells them that the Flower Jewel was stolen from her by a crow. She agrees to allow the party to study under her as a master if they will retrieve it for her. The jewel can be found at a "?" spot which appears in the Central Wyndia region. If Peco headbutts the tree to the left of the hut, it will startle the crow, causing it to drop the jewel as it flies off. Meryleep honors her promise to the party when they return it to her. Alternately, the player can sell it for 5,000 Zenny. However, since this is the only Flower Jewel in the game, doing so will cause them to permanently miss out on the opportunity to study under Meryleep.