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Fishing Rods are items that appear throughout the Breath of Fire series and are required, along with bait, to catch fish. Both are pieces of equipment that only Ryu is able to use.


Breath of Fire[]

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In the first game of the Breath of Fire series, fishing is very basic: if Ryu has a Rod and some bait he can cast at a fishing spot, and his success is determined by various (?) factors. Presumably rods with a higher number increase the chances of success, and they can be found in the following places:

Rod5 has the special property that it allows Ryu to fish in wells and the duck-pond in Spring. This yields very valuable items:

  • DragonSD: West of Romero
  • Slab: Northwest of Tantar (the slab hints at the location of the Cleansing Water Spring)
  • DragonHT: South of Arad
  • DragonAR: duck-pond in Spring
  • DragonSH: East of Gramor

Breath of Fire II[]

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In Breath of Fire II, the difference between Rods is their Stamina. Once a fish is hooked, each button press decreases the rod's life-meter, and stronger rods need more button presses to deplete it.

Breath of Fire III[]

There are 4 main attributes which distinguish rods in Breath of Fire III:

  • Max Range: the distance from shore the lure lands in the water with full casting strength
  • Tracking Bar Size: the proportion of the reel window taken up by the Tracking Bar
  • Tracking Speed: how quickly the tracking bar moves when reeling in a fish
  • Strength: how much strain the line can take before the fish is lost
NAME Range Bar Size Speed Strength Obtained
Wooden Rod 27m 1/4 Slow Weak Purchased in McNeil Village, Coffee Shop
Bamboo Rod 34m 1/4 Fast Weak Momo's tower
Angling Rod 49m 1/3 Fast Weak Faerie Village, Handyman(Speed) and Handyman(Ability)
Deluxe Rod 34m 1/3 Slow Average Behind locked door at Dauna Checkpoint
Spanner 34m 3/7 Slow Strong Behind weak wall in Steel Grave
Master's Rod 49m 3/7 Fast Average Fisherman west of Steel Beach, after clearing the game and obtaining fishing rank of Master of Angling++

Breath of Fire IV[]

Breath of Fire: Ryū no Tsurishi[]

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