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Fate is a song that appears in the original Breath of Fire. It is sometimes alternatively referred to by fans as "Sara's Theme" or "Alan and Cerl."

The song plays on five occasions throughout the course of the game.

  • It is first heard during the game's introduction after the Dragnier villagers' stone protection wears off and they realize that Sara has been kidnapped by the Dark Dragons.
  • It is heard again When Alena's ghost appears in Ross's dining room.
  • It is heard again during the scene with a young Alan and Cerl at South Castle.
  • It is heard again when Ryu and his party reunite with Sara in Scande's dungeon after defeating Zog.
  • It is heard for the final time during the boss fight with Sara.

Lead composer Yasuaki Fujita credited himself as the composer of this track on his personal blog on June 11, 2011.[1]